Steps for Finding and Hiring the Best Local Boat Mechanic

bOATHiring the best boat mechanic can make all the difference in you having a vessel that is sea worthy week after week to one that is constantly breaking down and in dry-dock for weeks at a time. The best local boat mechanics have a way of being able to use their decades experience to spot potential problems while they are tiny repairs, so you are getting the most of your time on the water and not calling a tow service for a boating emergency again this week.

Here are a few things to consider on your hunt for the best local boat mechanic.

The best local boat mechanic is also the busiest boat mechanic in town. The reason being is simple, when you finally find a mechanic who does great work, you are a customer for life. That being said, if you are lucky enough to find a friend or neighbor who knows someone using one of these great mechanics who will give up the name, consider yourself lucky. Just like having a doctor in your family, a great boat mechanic is worth their weight in gold.

Facebook has become more than a place where you can post endless pictures of what you ate for dinner or images of your cat, you can actually get a ton of referrals for local business is you know where to look. Take a look at Facebook groups for your town, and either join a boating or reviews group. The reviews group are where locals rant or rave about local services, boat mechanics being one of them.

Now that you have a list of a few local mechanics, you could head over to their website or social media profile pages and get some more information. Pay close attention to any reviews left by prior customers, this will tell you quite a lot about their personal experiences with this company or individual. If there were issues and the customer posted them on their social page, look to see how fast the mechanic responded and how they handled the situation.

Take a drive to the local marina, usually there is a mechanic on call there. That is an ideal place to hire a mechanic, one closest to the water or who happens to be working out of the place that you have your boat already stored.

Now you have all the information that you need to get yourself in touch with the best local boat mechanic.