Top 10 Boat Safety Checklist for Beginners

boatingIf you are new to boating and want to make sure each of your trips out on the sea are uneventful, this list of top 10 boating safety tips from should help. Keep this handy or commit it to memory, either way it will serve you well.

1. Always leave word with someone back at shore where you plan on traveling this day. If anything were to go wrong and you could not call for help, at the least someone will be able to point help in our immediate direction.

2. Be sure that each time you leave the docks with passengers on board, everyone including yourself has a life jacket. If not, borrow, rent, or buy new ones. There is no excuse for anyone to not wear a life jacket out on the water.

3. Never mix alcohol and driving a boat, too many things can go wrong in the blink of an eye while away from the safety of the shore.

4. Invest in a boating safety class and take these classes serious because you are going to be responsible for each person on that boat including yourself.

5. Be sure the boat radio is in working condition, bring along a cellphone or satellite phone just in case you can’t get a signal.

6. Fill up with gas before you go and chart where all the nearest service stations are in case one happens to be closed or out of fuel.

7. Hire a skilled local boat mechanic and make sure this person is inspecting the boat on a regular basis before you head out on any day trip.

8. Brush up on navigation in your area because maps are changing all the time and you don’t want to run up on a sand bar that you thought was not going to be where it was.

9. Bring along a first aid kit on the boat in case someone gets injured while miles away from sure. The first aid kit can include a variety of tools to address several issues.

10. Be sure to bring plenty of water and some food each trip. You never know how some people react to being out on the water, and if they get sick they will need to hydrate quickly to feel better.

There you have it, the list of ten safety things you should be focused on the next time you get the crew together for some fun time son the high seas. The biggest advice is to think first. A recent accident injured a boater when his boats net got caught in the running prop, dragging him into the water.